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Deacon's Bench custom furniture built in Ontario.

King size Bed made out of reclaimed cherry wood.

Reclaimed lumber bench hand crafted in Ontario by Guy Roy

Hand Crafted handles for hand forged Knife.

Bark edge on art table. Ontario custom furniture.

Carved trinket box. "Sleeping Duck"

Carved trinket box open. "Sleeping Duck"

Ontario Custom Solid Wood Furniture Gallery 3

Benches and Miscellaneous Items

This  gallery is covers some of the other custom furniture items and wood work that Guy has created over the years.

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This is just a sample of what Guy has crafted over the years.  If you are looking for Ontario custom furniture you can be assured that Guy has the experience and the vision to create your solid wood piece of furniture.

To  contact Guy to discuss details of your project just click on Contact Guy and you will be taken to the page with information on  phone or email .



"Quality isn't expensive, it's priceless"
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